Welding Schools in New York

Welding Schools Out of the 406 New York Colleges, only three schools provide Welding programs.

Expected salaries for careers within the Welding field, such as a welding specialist and senior fabricator, are usually very high in relation to median New York salary figures.

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Attempting to discover a college nearby is usually the first step for most students in their college selection process, and below you can find local colleges and schools contained in New York specializing in the Welding degree program.

Welding degrees and certifications are strongly sought after by companies these days, and graduates of this degree program have countless job opportunities awaiting them when they enter the job market.

New York Welding Schools

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This Major in Nearby States

We list 1 welding school in East Windsor. Around 100 welding degrees are granted each year.

New Jersey
Our listing contains 2 welding schools and colleges in Toms River and Paterson. Approximately 100 welding diplomas and certificates are granted every academic year.

Our listing contains 22 welding schools and colleges in Pittsburgh, Bethlehem, DuBois, New Castle, Allentown, Lebanon, Williamsport, and 16 other cities. About 700 welding degrees are awarded each year. Average tuition cost for welding programs in PA - $12,600.

Learn more about 1 welding school in South Burlington. About 100 welding diplomas and certificates are granted each year.