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Quality of education at any specific college strongly depends on people who teach there.

In this report for Sofia University we provide you with information about faculty structure, salaries, and class sizes, as well as comparisons to competing and nearby colleges.

Faculty Compensation and Workload

Faculty Salary
As a rule, properly compensated instructors are better motivated and have more opportunities to concentrate on teaching; therefore, we consider faculty compensation to be an important factor for evaluating education quality.

Monthly faculty salaries at Sofia University vary approximately from $3,000 to $8,000. The average full-time faculty salary at this college is approximately $67,000 a year, that is 41% lower than California average faculty compensation.

Women faculty members at this college are paid $5,524 a month on average; it is about the same as average men faculty salaries - $5,691 a month.

Faculty Rank
School Average
CA Average


Associate professor

Assistant professor


Unranked Teacher

Annual Faculty Wages
Students to Faculty Ratios

Sofia University Faculty Compensation and Workload Chart
Students to
Faculty Ratio
11 : 1
Sofia University has a good, 11:1 students-to-faculty ratio.

Low ratios usually imply smaller class size, more attention to students, better quality of education, and higher satisfaction both for students and instructors. High ratios are usually a sign of the opposite.

Use the charts above to compare faculty compensation and workload at Sofia University versus nearby colleges.

Faculty Ranking and Demographics

The full-time faculty at Sofia University includes 7 professors, 8 associate professors, 9 assistant professors, 3 instructors, and 1 unranked teacher - 14 men and 14 women:
Sofia University Faculty Demographics Chart

Please note that faculty rank (e.g. associate professor, lecturer, instructor) is usually assigned by the college itself.

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