History Schools in Louisiana

History SchoolsOut of the 125 Colleges in Louisiana, 21 schools provide History programs.

History degrees and certifications are excessively sought after by companies these days, and graduates of this field of study almost always have countless career opportunities awaiting them when they finish school.

Annual Tuition
Salary estimates for occupations in the History industry, such as a historic writer, are usually very well paying when compared to most other Louisiana salaries.

Looking around to discover colleges locally is usually the easiest option for most potential students in their school search, and on this page we have local colleges and schools around Louisiana offering the History degree program.

Check an alternative detailed ranking of history schools in Louisiana at History-Schools.com.

Louisiana History Schools

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History Schools in Nearby States

We list 16 history colleges in Arkadelphia, Conway, Fayetteville, Searcy, Monticello, Jonesboro, Walnut Ridge, and 11 other cities. Around 400 history degrees are awarded each year. Average tuition cost for history programs in AR is around $17,000.

Learn more about 21 history schools in Jackson, Hattiesburg, Clinton, Scooba, Blue Mountain, Wesson, Fulton, and 15 more cities. Approximately 400 history diplomas and certificates are awarded every year. Average tuition price for history degree programs in MS - $15,400.

We list 91 history colleges in San Antonio, Houston, Austin, Abilene, Dallas, Lubbock, Corpus Christi, and 56 more cities. About 2,400 history diplomas are awarded each year. Average tuition for history programs in TX: $20,700.